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The administrative council of metal decided based on held meeting in 29-Dec-2016 to add new huge investments to increase production according to the market requirements.
The metal company opened new headquarter for engineering department in Egypt under the supervision of engineer Wassim Jamal with elite group consists of qualified and experience engineers.
The metal company announced near date of completing the largest manufactured complex in the industrial city with an area of 65,000 square meter owned by Al shekh Mahmoud.
The metal company established new administrative named "quality and improvement management of engineering and projects administration" under the supervision of qualified and experienced engineer Simon Bashara with elite group of qualified and experienced engineers.

Fire Protection for Steel Structures in Jeddah

Have your steel structures protected by making an inquiry today. However, you need to know the factors that should be considered before making your ultimate choice.
Jeddah is one of the cities that have made a great contribution in the market platform of both Saudi Arabia and the entire world. Fire Protection for Steel Structures in Jeddah is set to ensure that your steel buildings and other structures are protected from fire. Before deciding on which company to select, it is important to be well versed with the following tips.


Although most of the clients do not put this into consideration, it is an important factor to look at. How well is the company organized? Does it have a good working schedule? All these questions can simply be answered by looking at the company’s website pages.

Response Time

Fire is known to cause a lot of havoc within a short period of time and therefore, needs to be protected against. A company that takes much time before giving feedback to the client depicts a negative image and should therefore be ruled out. Prefer one that is always on toes and willing to give appropriate feedback as promptly as possible.

Qualifications Of The Workforce

The workers’ qualifications can clearly be limned through the quality of their services. Do they last for a long time? If they do, then do not hesitate to go for it. However, annul from services that only last for a short period of time. With regards to this aspect, Fire Protection for Steel Structures in Jeddah, is the most preferred as the companies have expertise and highly skilled workers with many years of experience.

Cost Of Services

Installing a fire protection system is quite expensive but some companies subsidize this price to make it affordable by the clients. Every client wants to save some cash for other purposes. Therefore, always take time to compare the prices online before coming up with a fixed mind.

Working Experience

It might be quite costly to work with a company that has just come up into system. Experience is directly connected to the quality of the services that the client receives. Fire Protection for Steel Structures in Jeddah however, entail companies that have been in the market platform with experience staff and therefore you do not have to worry.

One of the most important decisions that you will need to make in the early design stages of your steel structure is fire protection. If you consider this decision when it is too late or you do not understand your options well, this can have a negative consequence on the construction schedule as well as the budget.

Why The Need For Fire Protection?

Fire Protection for Steel Structures In Jeddah is important as most of the materials that are used need fire protection as they aren’t resistant to fire. One of the materials that need to be prominently protected from the fire effects is steel. The goal of fire proofing a steel structure is to prevent a rise in the temperature of steel and thus maintain the material’s structural integrity. In simple terms, fire protection can offer you the time to escape and even extinguish fire and thus reducing the damage that may occur to assets as well as the surrounding areas. There are 4 fire protection methods that can be used to protect the structural steel work.

Board Based Systems

This method uses some board based systems to create some encasement around the areas that are made of steel such as columns and beams. These boards can be painted or applied with other types of finishes. The fire resistance level that will be achieved will depend on thickness and type of board used as well as the attachment method.

Sprayed Fire Protection

These types of protection involve the application of cementitious materials on the steel work’s surface. These are not only low cost but can also not receive finishes due to their coarse and uneven texture.