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The administrative council of metal decided based on held meeting in 29-Dec-2016 to add new huge investments to increase production according to the market requirements.
The metal company opened new headquarter for engineering department in Egypt under the supervision of engineer Wassim Jamal with elite group consists of qualified and experience engineers.
The metal company announced near date of completing the largest manufactured complex in the industrial city with an area of 65,000 square meter owned by Al shekh Mahmoud.
The metal company established new administrative named "quality and improvement management of engineering and projects administration" under the supervision of qualified and experienced engineer Simon Bashara with elite group of qualified and experienced engineers.

Best Metal And Steel Industry in Middle East

The construction industry is one of the fastest growing and most active industries in the world today. A lot of buildings are being constructed on a daily basis ranging from homes to commercial buildings. The experts in Best Metal And Steel Industry in Middle East construction and building industries use various materials. Timber and steel are some of the materials that are commonly used. Each building material has its advantages and disadvantages.

However, according to Best Metal And Steel Industry in Middle East industry experts, nothing beats steel. The article will discuss a few aspects of the steel manufacturing industry.

The Nature of the Industry

The steel industry, though faced with resistance from other competitors has come a long way. It continues to modernize its manufacturing processes and business consolidation to increase productivity. It is one of the industries that has created employment opportunities to a lot of people-either as suppliers or contractors. With the advancement that has been made in the industry, they have come up with less costly techniques. However, some companies still use sophisticated technology. This kind of technology improves the quality of the productivity and improves workability.

Occupations and Employment Opportunities in the Industry

The steel industry has created gainful employment too many people. There are many occupations that Best Metal And Steel Industry in Middle East has created. The major one is production department. Other occupations include installation, maintenance, transportation, repairs and material moving. Other roles in the industry are the managerial and professional positions.

The Benefits of Steel in Building

Steel has remained the favorite construction material of all time. The following are reasons why contractors’ prefer steel to any other building material:

  1. It is durable-Unlike other materials-timber and wood especially it does not wear out or decay easily. As a matter of fact, it is possible to repair or make additional designs or structures to a steel frame structure without causing any damage. Steel has the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions too.
  2. Versatility - It is easy to make changes and adjustment to steel buildings
  3. It is light and easy to work with
  4. The manufacturers of steel considered the health and safety of their workers and occupants of the building.
  5. Steel is environmental friendly as it can be recycled or re used.
  6. Buildings constructed using steel are cost effective. Even though the initial cost may be high, they are cheaper to construct and maintain as opposed to the traditional building techniques.

Engineers and professionals in the building and construction industry have a lot to say about the Best Metal And Steel Industry in Middle East. Steel plays a great role in building and construction. As much as it may have its disadvantages, the benefits still outdo them. The use of steel in building has been around for over 60 years. As a matter of fact, steel is used to build 90 per cent of single storey buildings and 70 per cent for non residential multi storey buildings.

Most architects prefer to use steel because of its versatility. Most of the stadia’s, shopping centers and commercial development properties have some element of steel in them. The article will discuss Best Metal And Steel Industry in Middle East benefits in construction.

1. Speed of Construction

Buildings and structures made from steel get erected faster. This is because of the accuracy and predictability associated with steel products while working. In addition, it is easy to make follow ups and this enables the work to be done quickly. As compared to concrete frames, the erection of steel is quick and saves a lot of time. The benefit if using steel is that it saves time and minimizes disruptions especially where mega projects are involved. The time saved during steel construction saves the about 3-5 percent of the total budget. It reduces the working capital for clients.

2. It Saves Costs in a Competitive Market

The price of steel has reduced in the recent past as compared to its prices in 1980. This has seen huge productivity advancements being achieved between the suppliers of the Best Metal And Steel Industry in Middle East and the benefits are shared with their clients. As a result, construction is now affordable. The competitive prices have seen many contractors get tenders and client get value for their money.

3. Long–life Durability

Structures made from steel frames tend to last longer. They are durable as they do not decay or age quickly as compared to other materials used in construction. Another advantage that steel frame structures have is that it is possible to make changes and extensions in the future with minimal cost and disruptions involved.