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The administrative council of metal decided based on held meeting in 29-Dec-2016 to add new huge investments to increase production according to the market requirements.
The metal company opened new headquarter for engineering department in Egypt under the supervision of engineer Wassim Jamal with elite group consists of qualified and experience engineers.
The metal company announced near date of completing the largest manufactured complex in the industrial city with an area of 65,000 square meter owned by Al shekh Mahmoud.
The metal company established new administrative named "quality and improvement management of engineering and projects administration" under the supervision of qualified and experienced engineer Simon Bashara with elite group of qualified and experienced engineers.

Hot-Rolled Steel Structure & PEB in Saudi Arabia

Hot-Rolled Steel Structure And PEB in Saudi Arabia are terms that only professionals in the engineering and the construction industry can understand

Pre–engineered buildings or PEB are steel structures that are built over structural concepts of primary and secondary members. It can be built over cover sheeting that are connected to one another. The structural members are designed in a way that makes them light weight and high strength.

Instead of using the conventional hot rolled sections during construction, most people prefer the pre engineers steel buildings systems. One benefit of using PEB in buildings is that additional structural adjustments can be included. Some of the additions that can be made include crane system, canopies, mezzanine floors, trusses and fascias’ among others. However, the additional fittings should be done according to the user requirements.

PEBs are best for non residential and low rise buildings that are wide span. Low cost, fast delivery, quality control and consistency are some of the few advantages of PEB. As a matter of fact, the PEB buildings are used in diverse construction of hospitals, community buildings, shopping malls and ware houses.

What are the advantages of PEBs?

Hot-Rolled Steel Structure And PEB in Saudi Arabia construction systems have their own advantages and disadvantages. Nothing beats pre engineered buildings. Not even the popular conventional structural steel building.

PEB is a term that is not well known to engineering groups that traditionally used to design their buildings with the standard hot rolled sections from the manufacturers of the product. PEB is intended to introduce concepts such as versatility and practicality to the construction industry. It is a concept that has become widely accepted globally.

They can be used for permanent installation: PEBs are normally used for permanent installation. The measurements should range from about 36 square meters upwards for a storey building that has one or two floors. The buildings usually consist of systems with complete steel framed. It has components that are pre-designed in a manner that it fits together in a cosmic diversity of combinations that meet unique needs of the users. Some of the sub–systems that can be installed include ventilation systems, different types of floors, overhangs, mezzanines, roofs and wall claddings.

Most of the Hot-Rolled Steel Structure And PEB in Saudi Arabia constructions companies now prefer using the PEB formulas and the savings they have been made have proved to be extremely high.