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The administrative council of metal decided based on held meeting in 29-Dec-2016 to add new huge investments to increase production according to the market requirements.
The metal company opened new headquarter for engineering department in Egypt under the supervision of engineer Wassim Jamal with elite group consists of qualified and experience engineers.
The metal company announced near date of completing the largest manufactured complex in the industrial city with an area of 65,000 square meter owned by Al shekh Mahmoud.
The metal company established new administrative named "quality and improvement management of engineering and projects administration" under the supervision of qualified and experienced engineer Simon Bashara with elite group of qualified and experienced engineers.

Construction & Steel Erection in Saudi Arabia

Steel erection involves putting in place, securing and aligning components on a foundation that has already being prepared so as to create that complete frame. The steel components are assembled to make a frame at the site of the project. The goal of structural steel erection is to ensure that buildings are fireproof. Structural steel erection has been used to construct some of the tallest skyscrapers in the whole world.

Construction And Steel Erection in Saudi Arabia is used to construct, modify or repair structures that are made of steel. This technology is commonly used in the construction of bridges and buildings. This process involves installing planks as well as metal decking.

If a steel structure is to withstand the test of time, quality workmanship is needed as this is the process that provides the structure with a skeleton. In case the skeleton of the structure is flawed or weak, it is easy for the other components of the structure to fail. When searching for a contractor for a Construction And Steel Erection in Saudi Arabia, there are several important factors that you need to consider. These include:

Reputation of contractor

Find out from other people in the industry their opinion on your contractor of choice. This can offer you a feel of the company’s quality of work, efficiency and customer service. When you consult people who have worked with the company before, they will be best placed to give a trustworthy and honest opinion that you can hardly find elsewhere.


Construction And Steel Erection in Saudi Arabia can get a bit tricky and this is the reason why it should be left to the experts. Go through the project galleries and take time to speak to heavy industrial experts on their steel erection projects, both past and present.

Workers license

It is important to ensure that every employee of the contractor has the necessary training and license. This is an important consideration as it will ensure that the job is done right. Find out from the contractor of Construction And Steel Erection in Saudi Arabia whether they have proof of certification to show their quality workmanship.

When you follow these guidelines, it will be easy to get the best results possible.

In this contemporary ages, the world is turning towards employing steel in fabricating, approximately in all kinds of structures. This can simply be explained by the fact that this product provides lifelong service as it is durable and it is relatively affordable. With regards to this, Construction and Steel Erection in Saudi Arabia helps you accomplish fabrication in all kinds of buildings within the required time limit. Here are the key reasons why you should prefer these companies.

Affordable and quality services

With Construction and Steel Erection in Saudi Arabia, you will get your structures and buildings worked on at a sensible price. It is therefore easy for an average man to enjoy its services since the cost involved is relatively lower. If you have not yet tried it before, it is time that you make an inquiry.

Qualified and experienced workforce

Construction and Steel Erection in Saudi Arabia has a renowned history of recruiting staff members based on their qualifications. You therefore do not need to panic, as the experienced workforce will ensure everything is in place.

Good customer interactions

Construction and Steel Erection in Saudi Arabia will serve you with the best respect you deserve despite which part of the world you are from. Once you make an order for your steel, you will get the appropriate feedback promptly without delays. This is unlike other companies which take quite some time before they contact their customers.

Simple and easy communication system

As a client, you will always enjoy good and proper communication while visiting the Construction and Steel Erection in Saudi Arabia. Since one can make an order or make the payments through online, a lot of valuable time is saved. You do not have to travel for long distances as everything can be accomplished at one’s comfort at home. All you need is a computer, Android or a Smart Phone.


As a matter of fact, no client would want to do business with companies that don't have clear warranty system. Warranty is essential as it covers the buyers from encountering unplanned losses. Have your steel structures erected without panic.